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->  Zhejiang Dongyang wood carving Co., Ltd. is located in the "Chinese wood carving capital" - Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province. Founded in investment by the Zhejiang Arts and Crafts master Huang XiaomingIn 1999. The company specializes in wood carving, urban sculpture art creation, indoor decoration works to create a classic mahogany furniture refined. The company's total floor Plot of 25 acres and a building area of 10,000 square meters and currently employs more than 100 people.
The new Zhejiang Dongyang Woodcarving Co., Ltd. was established more than a decade, have been pursuing organic fusion of the traditional and the modern, the ideal and the reality, culture and value, carved trespassing Arts Create a one of a classic masterpiece. The "Luban story", "Love in Nature," centenarians wind and rain bridge "forty works in traditional Chinese workers Arts and crafts boutique exhibitions Shenzhen International ICCIE, Hangzhou West Lake Expo national industry award-winning show.
Creation of works of art in addition to wood carving, Dongyang wood carving Co., Ltd. has also extensively involved in the decoration works of classical wooden structure of the buildings halls, temples, gardens, create, and Integration into a variety of wood carving skills, and contains a modern, luxurious in its quaint highlights the culture, art show in the practical. In 2003, the company is Hangzhou Pagoda Creative Woodcarving ArtSurgery wall hangings, bold drawing on the characteristics of the ancient bamboo art, highlighting the historical and cultural Unique Structures; 2005, the company successfully completed the very Hall of Beijing Forbidden City Emperor Qianlong treasureSeat replication works, reproduced with superb craftsmanship exquisite palace Bench Division; 2006, the company contracted Tobacco International Conference Center, Kunming Green LakeHotel, Zhejiang Province, Jinhua Hall of the Great Hall of the People, and other decorative works, unique ideas creative and artistic elegance perfect show woodcarving art and interior decoration beads linked biTogether. In 2011, the company undertake Jiuhua willing Cultural Park indoor decorative carvings engineering, carving an area of two thousand square meters, Dongyang wood carvings and religious textOf organic combination of large-scale architectural decoration projects.
  ICP:Zhe13001601  Zhejiang Dongyang wood carving Co., Ltd.